ITIM : how to change Time zone

By default, ITIM uses the WebSphere time-zone, and there is no mean to change it in a properties file.

It seems also that by default WebSphere uses a GMT or the initial time-zone of the server.

We add some issues in Russia, with reconciliation schedules, where the console shows us a "French Time" :


The server uses a MSK (Moskow) time-zone  :

mar. mars 18 12:29:51 MSK 2014

There is a way to change this time-zone, by changing the WebSphere Application Server setup.

Connect to the console (http://x.x.x.x:9060/ibm/console), and then select :

  • Servers / Server Types / WebSphere application servers
  • Select the server (usuallyserver1)
  • In Server Infrastructure / Java and Process Management / Process Definition, clic on Environment Entries
  • Add a new variable TZ ; value = Europe/Moscow

Clic OK, then save. You have to restart the WebSphere Application server.

If you go back to ITIM console, then the timezone is now the same as the server :